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40 Halloween Costume Ideas for Brown Girls

Halloween is coming up very soon. Are you dressing up? Will you be going to a costume party this year? Well, I hope so. I enjoy playing dress up for Halloween. Here are just a few photos of my past costumes.

Dressed as Cleopatra 


Dressed as a dark fairy, but I may look more like I'm ready for Carnival in this photo!

This year I haven't yet decided what I'll dress up as. If you haven't decided yet either and you're also a brown-skinned girl, then this post may help. I've listed some options and included examples from various folks across YouTube that have successfully pulled off the looks.

First, let's outline a few options ...

No Color Barrier Costumes...

1. Beautiful Angel


2. Mummy

3. Black Swan

4. Skeleton/Half Skull

5. Genie

6. Seductive Vampire

7. Dark Fairy/Oracle/Enchantress

8. Zombie

9. Lioness

10. Burlesque Dancer/Dancer

11. Sexy Cat

12. Mermaid

Celebrity Looks (Past and Present)

13. Rihanna, Disturbia Music Video

14. Aaliyah

15. Diana Ross

16. Sza, Love Galore Look

17. Beyoncé

18. Janet Jackson

19. Cardi B.

20. Lil Kim

21. Josephine Baker

TV/Movie Characters 

22. Jessica Rabbit

23. Olivia Pope from Scandal

24. Michonne from the Walking Dead

25. Cookie from Empire

26. Foxy Cleopatra

27. Storm from X-Men

28. Justice, Poetic Justice

29. Niobe, The Matrix Reloaded

30. Wonder Woman

Disney Characters/Cartoons 

31. Princess Tiana

32.  Pocahontas

33. The Gypsy Esmeralda

34. Penny Proud

35. Susie Carmichael, Rugrats 

36. Betty Boop

Historical Figures 

37. Queen Nefertiti

38. Egyptian Queen/Cleopatra

39. Rosie the Riveteer 

Lastly, A Random Glam Look

40. Black Barbie 

And that finishes up my list. Of course, there are plenty of other Halloween looks possible, but I limited myself to 40 so I wouldn't go too overboard!

Please comment below if this is helpful in your search for the perfect Halloween look.

Do you plan to dress up as any of these this year?

Happy Costume Hunting,


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