Sunday, May 7, 2017

How Does This 38 Year Old Look Like a Teenager? - Check Out Bianca Lawson

I first laid eyes on Bianca Lawson while watching the movie, Save the Last Dance. This was back in the early 2000's. Seeing her again many years later on the shows Pretty Little Liars, Vampire Diaries and more recently Queen Sugar has been eye opening. Take a look at the video clip below from the movie:

Now, take a look at the clip below, which shows her just this past September. She talks about her character in the TV series, Queen Sugar.

Here's another clip of her on the show Pretty Little Liars:

It's clear when looking at those clips that there is not a very big difference in how Bianca looked in 2001 to how she looks now. That was 16 years ago! It's so hard to believe she is now 38 years of age, when she's still able to play the role of a teenager. (Yes, PLL - Pretty Little Liars).

So what's the secret behind her youthful appearance?

1. Low Stress Lifestyle
First, I have never seen Bianca Lawson worked up over anything. Not one interview, YouTube feature or other online platform have I seen her act any way other than calm and poised. I have also never read about her being involved in any kind of scandal or dramatic event. In researching about her, Bianca appears to have an overall stress-free lifestyle (maybe the benefit of not having kids).

2. Positive Energy
I've seen no stories of Bianca living a wild and crazy lifestyle. No drugs action. No regular, over the top clubbing. She keeps her life pretty simple and clean. She's also mentioned in interviews that she keeps positive and supportive people around her. She doesn't have many friends in the industry and she just goes to work and keeps work very separate from her personal life. Lastly, she loves animals and supports rescuing pets. This shows signs of a good spirit and respect for all life.

2. Weight Stability 
I have not seen Bianca's actual weight in numbers, but she has not had a history of gaining weight then losing it. She's remained pretty stable and seems to have a fairly healthy lifestyle.

3. Facial Skincare Routine
Bianca keeps a very simple skincare routine. In an interview with, she mentioned using Cetaphil cream cleanser. Most of us have seen the Cetaphil brand at their local Target or Walmart. She is known to have sensitive skin, so she doesn't mix it up or try out the newest skincare products. She has used the same products since she was in high school. Other skincare musts for her is avoiding too much sun exposure, moisturizing her skin with aloe vera and drinking a lot of water. I know, I am tired of hearing about that one too, but it seems to really work!

4. Sleep
This one is very much implied and one that we know directly affects appearance. To my earlier comment about her living a simple lifestyle with no kids makes me believe that she gets enough zzz's.

Well that's it folks! Bianca stays off the radar so it's difficult to get a lot of detail on her life. especially on her daily routine, but it seems that a simple, good life and taking good care of herself has led to maintaining a very youthful appearance. And of course, genetics might just play a small part too. ;)


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