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Are you still dreaming?

What is holding you back from your dreams? I ask myself that every once in a while. I recognize that I could be farther along in my career if fear was not holding me back. That is to say, fear coupled with doubt. I'm pretty certain that the two are best friends, because you will not have one without the other.

Fear and doubt visit you too, right? Don't make me feel like I am all alone on this. Here are a few examples of how they've appeared to me.

I dream of... going to graduate school.

Doubt: "But what if I can't get accepted into a graduate school?" 
Fear: "I don't want to be rejected." 

I dream of... purchasing a house.

Doubt: "What if I  lose my job and then have issues with paying the mortgage?"
Fear: "I don't want to have to foreclose and have a big financial mess."

I dream of... running a marathon. 
Doubt: "How will I run a marathon if I can't even run a mile now?"
Fear: "I don't want to fail and look silly to others."

The words and phrases "can't", "what if" and "but" are the building blocks of a wall that keep us from accomplishing and often times even starting to work on our dreams. I read a quote today by Les Brown that I want to share with others: 

Read that again. Say it out loud. Take action. You are the reason for your success. You can accomplish your dreams in 2017 and beyond. Get rid of the excuses that are caused by fear and doubt. The next time you think of an excuse to why you can't accomplish something, spend time thinking about a few ways that you can overcome the challenges. Don't give up before you even try. Take one small step to achieving your goal today. Then take another slightly larger step. Continue this and before you know it, you've made your dream a reality!   

Happy Stepping!


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