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Makeup Tutorials for Dark Brown Skin

With the thousands, OK maybe millions, of videos out there on makeup, it can be difficult to get through the shuffle to find a really nice makeup tutorial for brown skin. I have a list of my top 7 favorite makeup YouTubers.  I am not saying that these are the only ladies you should look at, or that they are the best on YouTube, however these personally are the ones I like to reference for certain looks. The list should give a great place to start for someone new to YouTube or even makeup. 

1. Ellarie - This lady not only has AMAZINGLY youthful, beautiful skin, but she provides great tutorials for brown skinned ladies. I would say her niche is more Viva La Glam, however she has a number of everyday looks as well. If you are looking for looks that are on trend that will look great on your sun-kissed skin, look no further! 

2. DestinyLashaeMakeup - Acne scars? Blemishes? This lady has tutorials that are especially catered to those that may have areas they would like to conceal. She also has a boatload of product reviews on her channel.  

3. Uche Natori - This Londoner has some great, easy to follow looks. She even provides a few looks that include easy to find drugstore products. 

4. Lananaxxx - Don't let the YouTube name scare you away. :) This young lady, Shawna, shows some tutorials that are pretty quick and easy to replicate. I do want to note that she does not solely focus on makeup. I really like her because she provides reasonably priced lipstick colors that look great on darker skin tones. And I don't know about you, but I like to buy drugstore makeup! There are countless tutorials where I feel like I would need to take a trip to Sephora, Ulta and MAC just to get the basics to begin following a tutorial. I feel I can achieve the looks that she shows without breaking the bank.

5. Nikki Perkins - Beautiful dark-skinned model. Need I say more? Nikki has a number of makeup tutorials for her lovely rich, dark chocolate skin tone. After watching her videos, I feel like I can create very professional looks. Concealing and highlighting comes off as a breeze! Plus, she has a very nice, soothing voice and positive energy. 

6.  Tiarra Monet - Tiarra has some nice makeup looks. From 10 minute quick routines to in-depth tutorials and product reviews. She has a great personality on screen and is a pleasure to watch as well. 

7. Karelle Muco - Karelle looks to be about just one year into YouTube makeup tutorials. However, from what I have seen so far, she provides some excellent, updated looks for rich complexions. I am going to be looking out for new videos from Karelle and so should you! 

Bye Lovelies! 


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