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It's Coming. . .The Walking Dead Season 7!

I am a total The Walking Dead watcher. So you can imagine that I have been racking my brain about what will happen in this next season 7. With the introduction of Negan, everyone is wondering who will us viewers have to say goodbye to next? Let's recap who we've lost over the seasons shall we? It's been a long ride through this zombie-land roller coaster! 

Want a quick summary of the key members we lost? Take a peak below. 
**Disclaimer - there are so many that die on this showed, I've really only highlighted those that were pretty key for the show. **

Season 1
  • Otis (Shane shot Otis in the leg in order to bait the walkers and get away along with medicine for Carl. He was eaten by the herd)
  • Dr. Jenner (He blew up the CDC and died in the explosion)
  • Amy (Andrea's sister Amy was bitten by a walker and had to be killed after turning)

Season 2
  • Sofia (After a heard came across the group, Sofia ran away and got lost, Rick shot her after finding her as a walker at Hershel's farm)
  • Dale (He was eaten by walkers)
  • Shane (Rick killed Shane as he was going to kill him)
  • T-Dog (Died by sacrificing himself to a herd to save Carol)
  • Lori (She died after giving birth to Judith)

Season 3
  • Merle (He became a walker after a fighting match with the Governor in efforts to stop him)
  • Andrea (She died from a walker bite orchestrated by the Governor)

Season 4
  • Bob (He died from a walker bite)
  • The Governor (Michonne stabbed him to save Rick and Lilly killed him)
  • Martinez (The Governor fed him to a herd of walkers)
  • Hershel (The Governor killed him by slitting his throat outside the prison)
  • Mika (Mika's sister killed her, to show she'd come back alive) 
  • Lizzy (This strange sister had to be killed by Carol before she tried to kill Judith for play)
Season 5
  • Beth (Beth was shot down by the hospital leader, Dawn)
  • Noah (After Nicholas selfishly left him and Glenn, Noah was eaten by walkers)
  • Gareth (The Terminus leader, killed by Rick)
  • Office Gorman (This hospital prick, was killed by a walker)
Season 6
  • Tyreese (He died from walker bites and loss of blood)
  • Jessie (Was eaten by walkers after crying due to the death of her son)
  • Sam (Was eaten by walkers after crying from fear in pursuit to leave Alexandria)
  • Ron (After his Mom died, he shot Carl in the eye and Michonne slashed him for it)
  • Nicholas (He shot himself when he and Glenn were surrounded by walkers)

Here's a few ideas of what we can look forward to in Season 7. 

Happy Watching! 


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