Saturday, October 22, 2016

It's Coming. . .The Walking Dead Season 7!

I am a total The Walking Dead watcher. So you can imagine that I have been racking my brain about what will happen in this next season 7. With the introduction of Negan, everyone is wondering who will us viewers have to say goodbye to next? Let's recap who we've lost over the seasons shall we? It's been a long ride through this zombie-land roller coaster! 

Want a quick summary of the key members we lost? Take a peak below. 
**Disclaimer - there are so many that die on this showed, I've really only highlighted those that were pretty key for the show. **

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Makeup Tutorials for Dark Brown Skin

With the thousands, OK maybe millions, of videos out there on makeup, it can be difficult to get through the shuffle to find a really nice makeup tutorial for brown skin. I have a list of my top 7 favorite makeup YouTubers.  I am not saying that these are the only ladies you should look at, or that they are the best on YouTube, however these personally are the ones I like to reference for certain looks. The list should give a great place to start for someone new to YouTube or even makeup. 

1. Ellarie - This lady not only has AMAZINGLY youthful, beautiful skin, but she provides great tutorials for brown skinned ladies. I would say her niche is more Viva La Glam, however she has a number of everyday looks as well. If you are looking for looks that are on trend that will look great on your sun-kissed skin, look no further! 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

5 Gorgeous Nigerian Models To Follow on Instagram

Named Miss World in 2001, this Nigerian beauty is at the top of my list. 

Linda is a model and actresses, mos known for her acting in the TV series Tinsel

High fashion super model and hosted West Africa's America's Next Top Model TV series. 

Aminat Ayinde caught the attention of many when, in 2009 she was a contestant at the America’s Next Top modelling competition.

Osas is both model and actress. Though she was born in New York, USA, her parent were Nigerian. She also played in the TV series Tinsel and currently lives in Nigeria. 

Do you know of other Nigerian beauties to add the list?


Monday, October 10, 2016

10 Beautiful Brown-Skinned Celebrities

1.Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union is one of my favorite actresses. Ever since I watched the movie Bring It On, I thought she was gorgeous and as a darker toned girl, I looked up to her for her beauty, intelligence and talent. 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Not Another PowerPoint!

At the start of this Fall season, I attended an all day training session hosted and led by AAIM Employers' Association. AAIM is a local organization that offers employer networking and professional training opportunities. One of the mini-sessions that I attended was on presentation. Let's call it Presentation Skills 101. Many interesting tidbits were shared and I noted some key takeaways to use for my next presentation. My biggest takeaway from the presenter, Mark G. Moyer is to be careful of using or overusing PowerPoint. But, why you ask? Haven't we all been taught to develop really cool PowerPoints, filled with nice content, moving text, pictures and such? Well here are the three reasons why I've opted to use less PowerPoint.  

1. The Audience    

PowerPoint presentations cause both you and your audience to focus more on the PowerPoint content, than the message you are trying to portray or the information that you are providing. How many times have you found yourself simply reading a PowerPoint slide along with the speaker? All of the focus should be built around the audience. PowerPoint should just be a tool used in order to help you show information, tell a story or give a message. Never begin developing a presentation by building PowerPoint slides. The presentation itself should be developed and then we should determine whether PowerPoint, handouts or other items are needed.   

2. Capturing Attention  

"That PowerPoint was amazing! It completely captured my attention! "Said no one. Ever. PowerPoint simply does not catch a person's attention. Many speakers, including the speaker at AAIM, raised the point that a good presenter must always get the audience's attention early. Suggestions on how to this included the speaker telling a relevant story, giving a quote or asking a question of the audience. Never did he say, wow the audience by showing a slide. It just doesn't do the job. 

3. Length

"You need a slide for each minute of your presentation". Have you heard this one before? Well, this is one myth that the presenter quickly dismantled. For an hour presentation, does it really make sense to make you and your audience go through 60 slides? Of course not! But when you think about it, PowerPoints quickly tend to get filled with unnecessary slides. Header slides, bullets slides, picture slides, data slides, you name it! You end up with a presentation filled with useless content that seems to have no end. When you build a presentation then use PowerPoint as a resource to enhance certain points, there won't be as many slides. And your audience will thank you for it.