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7 Ways I Save Money on Groceries

1.      Ibotta App
The Ibotta app offers rebates on everyday items that you buy at stores like Target, Walmart, CVS and many others. There are also rebates offered at restaurants and popular clothing retailers. You will need to scan your receipts to get the deals so be sure to save those! In two weeks I earned $20 in rebates, with my regular shopping visits. (Fun tip: Scan the items’ bar code that you are going to purchase before checking out to make sure the rebate will work for that item.)
Sign up by clicking the link here.

2.      Keep A List
Every time I have entered a store without a list, I have ended up buying at least about 10 things I didn’t need. The whole idea of not going to the store hungry has nothing on going to the store without a list! I keep a list in my iPhone with my regular grocery items. I don’t have specifics on the brand or anything, in order to be flexible to use coupons and offers. For example, I will have 2 meats (turkey, Chicken or seafood) 2 items,;10 frozen veggies, 5 fruits etc.Put together a list and you'll be sure t purchase the items you need and leave the stores with more money in your bank account. 

I typically look for coupons at this easy to use site. If I have cereal on my list, then I will choose a cereal with a coupon offer and hopefully a rebate as well. The double savings actually happens more than you might think! Check for coupons and save those you find into an envelope and keep them in your purse or car so that when you're out shopping you'll have them available.  

4.      Check Expiration Dates
Nothing is worse than snagging a great deal and bringing the item home to then realize that it will expire the next day. Always check the expiration dates. I am not saying not to buy something at a great price if it will expire soon, but checking will help you plan around it. In most cases there will also be items with later expiration dates to pick from, so checking gives you the opportunity to check.

5.      Look for Manager’s Specials
Look for a manager’s special on meat at your grocer then freeze them. This is how I purchase the majority of my meat actually.

6.      Buy produce at Aldi stores
Save your bags from other stores, grab a quarter and head on over to your local Aldi store. Aldi is a Germany based low cost grocery store chain. I like shopping at Aldi, because I can find nice produce at really reasonable prices. I also like to purchase the Simply Nature brand of snacks, sauces and dry foods as well. I would not recommend purchasing the meat. I would stick with your local grocery stores on that one! Aldi really stands out because you can find quality items at a discounted rate. Sometimes there are even name brands available!

7.      Buy in Larger Quantities

You will notice that in most cases, the bulkier items, are usually a couple of cents or even a dollar or two cheaper than the smaller portions when looking at the overall value. Going with "cheaper" upfront costs may seem tempting, but it is almost always better to buy in bulk to feel the savings later.

I hope that you will find these tips helpful. Now go out there and save $ on your groceries this weekend! 



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