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You Have the Interview, Now Dress for it!

So, how do we dress the part for an interview? 

Well, I've researched some great career looks that can assist ladies and gents during the interview preparation process. 

The Classic Suit Options: 

Dress Suit/Skirt (for the ladies) 

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Pant Suit (well... for the ladies too, but this one is open to the guys as well)

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Casual Business Attire:

Check out the link here to search for some great options for men and here for some options for women to get you started.

 Here are some fun tips for the different looks:

1.     If wearing black, bring a lint brush and please use it.

2.     If wearing white, bring a tide pen and be extremely careful. You can thank me later.

3.     If wearing a dress or skirt, keep it classy. The length should not be more than 1-2 inches from the knee and watch out for skirts with a slit (you know, the one that goes a little too far up)

4.     Wear something comfortable and if the interview location is warm feel free to remove your jacket.  

5.     Keep a groomed look. Men keep the hair (facial hair included) trim and clean and ladies keep the hair and eyebrows groomed. Both ladies and gents should keep the nails groomed and please don’t spray too much cologne or perfume, some people can be allergic/have allergies.

6.     Ladies please don’t overdo it with the jewelry and please nothing that jingles like bangles.

7.     For makeup ladies, no need to wear it, but if you do, let’s keep it natural and don’t forget to check before you enter the interview. Also be sure to blend at the neckline.

8.     Bring mints with you, no gum…just trust me

9.     Lastly, let’s avoid loud or bright colors. You won’t get the job by simply blinding each of the interviewers.

Happy hunting! 



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