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You Have the Interview, Now Dress for it!

So, how do we dress the part for an interview? 
Well, I've researched some great career looks that can assist ladies and gents during the interview preparation process. 
The Classic Suit Options: 
Dress Suit/Skirt (for the ladies) 

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Pant Suit (well... for the ladies too, but this one is open to the guys as well)

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Casual Business Attire:
Check out the link here to search for some great options for men and here for some options for women to get you started.

 Here are some fun tips for the different looks:
1.If wearing black, bring a lint brush and please use it.
2.If wearing white, bring a tide pen and be extremely careful. You can thank me later.
3.If wearing a dress or skirt, keep it classy. The length should not be more than 1-2 inches from the knee and watch out for skirts with a slit (you know, the one that goes a little too far up)
4.Wear something comfortable and if the intervi…

Have You Completed Your Performance Review?

Well now is the time for performance reviews! Many employers and employees are scrambling to meet with managers and develop a 6 month or 1 year plan for goals and objectives while reviewing those from the last year. The hope is that employees will have attained their goals from last year or will have at least remembered them – this is most likely not the case!
Along with performance this is a great time to begin thinking about career goals and what you personally want to gain in the upcoming months. It’s time to think about professional development.
Most people have different ideas of what professional development looks like. Some employees will say that professional development is in person training and conferences, others will say it is a new project and new job duties, while others will say it includes the availability of various e-learnings. What’s really frightening are the instances when employees do not have a good idea of what professional development is and what kind of opport…