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Need help negotiating salary and other benefits?

I have often thought about ways that I can actually negotiate a better pay or benefits within my employment package. Obviously not the easiest topic to address, however the ladies from Black Career Women's Network do a great job of providing tips on how to best navigate negotiating a new job offer or a better situation in your current job.

Below are a few notes I gathered from the presentation.

On negotiating a new job:

1. Do your research on the job and the market.

2. Know your must have(s) and be flexible on your nice to have(s).  

3. Stand firm and be willing to walk away from any negotiation.

On negotiating your current job:

1. Have multiple conversations with your supervisor about your interests.

2. Tie in your professional development aspirations to the business in order to show the benefits to the company. An example of this is provided in the webcast. 

3. Understand your value - what skills and talents do you bring to your company? What is the market rate in your area for someone holding these skills? 

Checkout the video!



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