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Exploring Attractiveness and Your Job Search

Everyone says that first impressions are a huge factor when meeting new people, is this true in the interview process?
Well, yes! ... and no. 
Most people think about first impressions as solely your level of attractiveness. But this is definitely more than the stereotype of 'the attractive one gets the job'. Which may or may not be true.
Why you ask? Well, I’ll list a few examples.
A handsome man or pretty woman will get attention in a meeting, just as a not so attractive person would. High attractiveness can affect a candidate in a good and bad way. 
Is this 'pretty' woman able to be really firm during a negotiation? This lady is 'pretty', but can she really do the job? This lady is too 'pretty', she does not come across as serious. 
Is this handsome man a bit too flirty?Will this handsome guy be a distraction to the woman in our office? This guy is handsome - he’s probably accustomed to getting by with his looks.
These are some not so positive thoughts a …

Work Culture - Do you know what you prefer?

Knowing the work environment that you thrive in can really help guide your career in the right direction. 
I've been thinking about this a lot lately as I talk with potential candidates. I typically ask in interviews, what type of work environment a candidates prefers. When I think about my company's environment in considering what a candidate prefers this helps me to assess whether the employee would really be happy. 
There are so many differences between how companies operate. Some companies are very corporate, others are very casual while others are somewhere in between the two extremes. Then we have the universities, nonprofits, public accounting firms, law firms, tech hubs, start ups and ALL operate differently and will give certain people very different vibes. 
Knowing the type of environment you enjoy can really help you build your career. 
Do you not enjoy your job? Do you want to pursue another industry because of it?
Maybe that's not the answer... Consider if you like…