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Adult Life and Braces!

I recently decided to be brave and get clear braces. At 25 years old, the clear 
braces and the new incognito braces (the kind that are actually behind the 
teeth) were the only options for me. The incognito braces were a few grand more expensive than the clear with both having great results, so I decided to go with the clear set.

Well it has been over a year with braces and I have seen some great changes to my teeth! It is very exciting; however braces can be uncomfortable to say the least. In my first few months of wearing braces, I learned quite a few things and would like to share some tips!

Let's start off talking about food. I mean I know you're thinking about, right? 

1.      Eat The Foods You Normally Crave Before Your First Appointment

This was the number 1 lesson that I learned. Before I went to my appointment I went to a restaurant to get some hot wings (regular on the bone). They were soo good! I am glad I did that because for the first few weeks I was eating baby food… You know... Applesauce, mashed potatoes, mac n cheese…
You can imagine how much I would have been craving hot wings had I not eaten it beforehand! Eat your favorite foods before your first appointment, you'll thank me. 

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2.      Do Not Get Braces During The Holiday Season

Since we are on the subject of food… Here is one mistake I made. I got my braces put on during the holiday season. What was I thinking! – Oh yeah... that I wanted straight pearly white teeth... Well, my advice is to get braces well in advance of or right after the holiday season. This really helps because you won’t feel bad that you can’t eat all of the foods you love on Thanksgiving and you will be less likely to be tempted to eat something that may risk you losing a bracket. (losing brackets can mean extended treatment). Not good!

Now let's discuss dental hygiene tools. 

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3.      Use Oral B Gentle Glide Floss

Once you have your braces on, you will thank me for this one.  Especially if you are at the beginning of your treatment. Once you get your braces put on flossing really hurts in those tight spaces. Oral B Gentle Glide was the first thing I bought. Please do yourself a favorite and ditch the floss that the orthodontist gives you and buy the Oral B Gentle Glide floss if you have tightly spaced teeth.

4.      Floss Threaders Are Your Friend!

Now that you have the right floss, you will need to use flosser threaders to get the floss under your wire easily. Your orthodontist should give you a few packets upon your first visit. You will need a lot of these throughout your treatment. If you can, I’d ask for them every time you visit the orthodontist.

5.      Stock Up On Brushes

Along with the floss threaders you will want to change your toothbrush every 3 months and also get some inter-dental brushes. The orthodontist will have some of these to give you as well. You will need this kind of brush to get in between your teeth in those spaces that your regular toothbrush cannot reach.

6.      Always Keep a Travel Size Tooth Brush

The orthodontist will tell you that you need to brush after each meal and floss at night. Get a travel size tooth brush and travel size toothpaste and you’ll be all set to handle brushing 3-4 times a day.

7.      Grab A Bottle Of Water

What does water have to do with your braces? Well… after meals food is everywhere… but with a couple of swish-swish with water after a meal really helps, especially if you are at a restaurant or at work and have difficulty brushing right away. Plus, water is so good for you, but I’ll get to that in another post…

8.    Consider A WaterFlosser

For those times right after you've visited the ortho, and your gum are a little tender, it's nice to have a water flosser. The waterflosser will be gentle on your gums and ensure that you continue to keep your good dental hygiene routine. You kind of get the option to skip traditional floss once or twice during week which is really nice. 

9.      Carry Lip Balm More Than You Ever Did Before

Please carry multiple lip balms! Seriously. I have lip balm everywhere. One at my desk at work, one in my purse, one in my jacket pocket, one at home… and let’s not talk about lip gloss… You need lip moisturizer of some kind, especially before going to appointments. You just wait and see! You can thank me later.

10.      Smile As Normal

When I first got my braces put on. I was self-conscious about them. So much so that I would make sure to cover my teeth when I talked and give those closed-mouthed smiles. Needless to say, people noticed more and paid closer attention to my mouth. I had one person ask me if was I okay, and I told her about the braces. Once I showed her, she told me that she would have never noticed had I not have been hiding my mouth. I no longer hide. To this day a lot of people don’t notice or forget they are even there. Clear braces are awesome! You really can let your smile shine through. So smile easy!

Get to love your braces and the time in them will go buy really fast!



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