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Developers Need Soft Skills Too!

HTML5... CSS3...JavaScript.... C#.... SQL.... Having a good knowledge and experience with these tools is great, but the thing that I have realized in my years of IT recruitment is that companies want more than those candidates with strong technical knowledge. Companies look for soft skills too!
Successful developers that will work at large corporations (and even smaller, boutique firms) and also have a lot of growth and advancement opportunities in their careers will need to be able to communicate well with others and work well within teams.

So many times I speak with IT talent (not just developers) who are very technical and have great skills yet have trouble describing what they actually do to the non-technical person. Think about senior managers, sales managers, and essentially end users or clients. Those with the soft skills and solid technical skills are what companies will seek out and often times present with great offers.
Here are my tips to those preparing to be or currently wor…

Paying Off Debt with Dave Ramsey

I have really been thinking about money lately. And more specifically about student debt and the ability to pay it off. I don't want to be the person that is 40 years old with the student debt created in their teens and early twenties still lingering around. The thought of having any debt is pretty depressing and I just want to get rid of it ASAP!
Well to accomplish this goal, I have been researching and have come across the Dave Ramsey method for financial management: He recommends using a specific plan to financial freedom. He first specifies getting all of your debts into current status (if you have any late payments then we just want to pay anything past due). Then setting up a $1,000 emergency fund and attacking debt using the debt snowball. 
The debt snowball plan is to line up all debts in order of size and begin making minimum payments on all but the smallest debt. Then you will put any extra income towards that small debt until it is paid off. Th…

WaterPik Flosser Review

The WaterPik Flosser... Definitely a good choice for anyone with braces.
I can't believe I waited so long to get one of these tools. Now this tool will not take the place of regular dental flossing (normally using a floss threader which helps navigate between the braces), but it can sure help. I definitely recommend the purchase. 
Below are a few quick tips for using a Waterpik flosser.
1. Start at zero. On the first time using your teeth will need to get used to pressure of the water, so I using the lowest setting possible is a good idea. Most instructions will advise this. I learned a lesson on my first try because I set on my Waterpik flosser on a slightly higher setting (just on 2 or 3, from an option of 0 to 10) and quickly changed the setting to 1!
2. Use lukewarm water. This is especially needed for those that have sensitive teeth like I do! 
3. Continue your regular flossing. The water pik flosser is not completely a substitute for regular flossing, but it definitely helps. 
I h…