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Exploring Attractiveness and Your Job Search

Everyone says that first impressions are a huge factor when meeting new people, is this true in the interview process?
Well, yes! ... and no. 
Most people think about first impressions as solely your level of attractiveness. But this is definitely more than the stereotype of 'the attractive one gets the job'. Which may or may not be true.
Why you ask? Well, I’ll list a few examples.
A handsome man or pretty woman will get attention in a meeting, just as a not so attractive person would. High attractiveness can affect a candidate in a good and bad way. 
Is this 'pretty' woman able to be really firm during a negotiation? This lady is 'pretty', but can she really do the job? This lady is too 'pretty', she does not come across as serious. 
Is this handsome man a bit too flirty?Will this handsome guy be a distraction to the woman in our office? This guy is handsome - he’s probably accustomed to getting by with his looks.
These are some not so positive thoughts a …

Work Culture - Do you know what you prefer?

Knowing the work environment that you thrive in can really help guide your career in the right direction. 
I've been thinking about this a lot lately as I talk with potential candidates. I typically ask in interviews, what type of work environment a candidates prefers. When I think about my company's environment in considering what a candidate prefers this helps me to assess whether the employee would really be happy. 
There are so many differences between how companies operate. Some companies are very corporate, others are very casual while others are somewhere in between the two extremes. Then we have the universities, nonprofits, public accounting firms, law firms, tech hubs, start ups and ALL operate differently and will give certain people very different vibes. 
Knowing the type of environment you enjoy can really help you build your career. 
Do you not enjoy your job? Do you want to pursue another industry because of it?
Maybe that's not the answer... Consider if you like…

Adult Life and Braces!

I recently decided to be brave and get clear braces. At 25 years old, the clear 
braces and the new incognito braces (the kind that are actually behind the 
teeth) were the only options for me. The incognito braces were a few grand more expensive than the clear with both having great results, so I decided to go with the clear set.
Well it has been over a year with braces and I have seen some great changes to my teeth! It is very exciting; however braces can be uncomfortable to say the least. In my first few months of wearing braces, I learned quite a few things and would like to share some tips!

Let's start off talking about food. I mean I know you're thinking about, right? 
1.      Eat The Foods You Normally Crave Before Your First Appointment
This was the number 1 lesson that I learned. Before I went to my appointment I went to a restaurant to get some hot wings (regular on the bone). They were soo good! I am glad I did that because for the first few weeks I was eating baby food……

Referrals? Are they useful and if so, how do you get them?

I can say first hand that referrals can be very useful during a job search. Many times when a person is not a perfect match for a role per the resume a strong referral from a recognized colleague in the firm can get that person into the door for interviews. If you know of someone in the company you want to apply to, please reach out to them.  Have them send in your resume in addition to your online application.
Now, that we know referrals should be used, how do we find them?
Online Sites: Check out your Facebook page and find out where people work. You just might find out someone you knew from high school or college or any past groups/organizations, might work at the place you are applying to. If you know them well, they might just pass your resume onto HR or be open to them listing them as a referral.
LinkedIn:Similar to other social sites, you can search connections and find out if people you know have worked or currently work at the place you are applying. They could also provide good…

Real love? (My thoughts)

Love is an amazing thing. It can totally blind you or it can open your eyes to see more than you ever have.
Love is a strange thing. We all start our lives giving and receiving love, which normally comes from a mother.To have a mother's love is something great and beautiful. Throughout our lives we each want to give and receive love.
But is there a price to love? How do you find love? And is there a difference between love and true or what we sometimes will call unconditional love?
Unconditional love.
That is such a strong statement.
Who can give and receive unconditional love?
Is this the love of a mother? The love of a wife? The love of an innocent child?
I propose, that this kind of love can only be given by the divine. God. And if this type of love is given by God, can a man ever return it?
Is the love of man fool's love because itisconditional?
Is the love of the divine the only way to have this idea of true love?
True love is what we search for our entire lives. Those that find…

Why Didn't You Get The Job?

That's a good question. Is it OK to ask the company why? Well before taking that step it may be a good idea to take a look at a recent article posted by the job site The article poses the idea that your negative ideas could potentially be ruining your chances of landing a job interview and also give a few great ideas on how to evervone negative thoughts and use them to your advantage. 
Here is the link:
Check it out! 


Developers Need Soft Skills Too!

HTML5... CSS3...JavaScript.... C#.... SQL.... Having a good knowledge and experience with these tools is great, but the thing that I have realized in my years of IT recruitment is that companies want more than those candidates with strong technical knowledge. Companies look for soft skills too!
Successful developers that will work at large corporations (and even smaller, boutique firms) and also have a lot of growth and advancement opportunities in their careers will need to be able to communicate well with others and work well within teams.

So many times I speak with IT talent (not just developers) who are very technical and have great skills yet have trouble describing what they actually do to the non-technical person. Think about senior managers, sales managers, and essentially end users or clients. Those with the soft skills and solid technical skills are what companies will seek out and often times present with great offers.
Here are my tips to those preparing to be or currently wor…

Paying Off Debt with Dave Ramsey

I have really been thinking about money lately. And more specifically about student debt and the ability to pay it off. I don't want to be the person that is 40 years old with the student debt created in their teens and early twenties still lingering around. The thought of having any debt is pretty depressing and I just want to get rid of it ASAP!
Well to accomplish this goal, I have been researching and have come across the Dave Ramsey method for financial management: He recommends using a specific plan to financial freedom. He first specifies getting all of your debts into current status (if you have any late payments then we just want to pay anything past due). Then setting up a $1,000 emergency fund and attacking debt using the debt snowball. 
The debt snowball plan is to line up all debts in order of size and begin making minimum payments on all but the smallest debt. Then you will put any extra income towards that small debt until it is paid off. Th…

WaterPik Flosser Review

The WaterPik Flosser... Definitely a good choice for anyone with braces.
I can't believe I waited so long to get one of these tools. Now this tool will not take the place of regular dental flossing (normally using a floss threader which helps navigate between the braces), but it can sure help. I definitely recommend the purchase. 
Below are a few quick tips for using a Waterpik flosser.
1. Start at zero. On the first time using your teeth will need to get used to pressure of the water, so I using the lowest setting possible is a good idea. Most instructions will advise this. I learned a lesson on my first try because I set on my Waterpik flosser on a slightly higher setting (just on 2 or 3, from an option of 0 to 10) and quickly changed the setting to 1!
2. Use lukewarm water. This is especially needed for those that have sensitive teeth like I do! 
3. Continue your regular flossing. The water pik flosser is not completely a substitute for regular flossing, but it definitely helps. 
I h…

In College But Not Sure What to Study? Fear Not!

A recent article posted by provides some really good options for students that are unsure of exactly which career field to pursue after graduating college. The author provides many general, yet valuable degree program options including Business Administration, Health Science and Computer Science. All degrees mentioned could be used in a number of settings and seen as a good asset to many employers. The article also gives suggestions on the type of person that may be interested in each degree program! It's like having a career or academic adviser in a blog post. I really wish I had read this article while I was in school, not that feel I made a bad career choice, though this would have shown more options than what I knew of at the time. 

Check out the link below, you won't be disappointed. 

Photo Credit:  

Interested in earning an extra few bucks without even leaving your house?

Get paid to search the internet, read emails, complete surveys and more at Click the link here to check out the site: 
Do you already check emails?

Do you search the internet?

Do you like giving your opinion?

Do you like extra cash?

Then why not get paid to spend 15-20 minutes out of your day to do the same things you would do anyway?

I recently received my check for $30 bucks and have earned another $16 dollars in just a few days by completing 1-2 surveys every other day and using the Inbox Dollars tool for searching online. Now you do have to earn at least $30 dollars before requesting your check for payout - which is understandable because anything less is probably not worth the processing fees. I typically search for things online and I also do things like paid surveys, downloading apps to my phone and watching short videos. All of those activities pay a few cents and add up up to cash pretty quickly. There are also opport…
Are You Interviewing Potential Employers?... Well, You Should Be!
When you are a job seeker, it is very important to understand the company and the actual position the company is currently looking to fill. Throughout the process you, the candidate, should be researching. This research should be a combination of online research and first-hand research through asking direct questions when you have the opportunity.  Here are a few things to keep in mind. 
1. Research the Company Online Before Applying.  Job Description - Read this more than once to get an idea of the company, the duties of the role and the needed and preferred qualifications. (Please keep in mind that you do not need to have ALL of the qualifications to apply in most cases, however the more qualifications you do hold, the better.)Know the Business - Understand what the company actually does to make profits. At the end of the day, employers want employees that will be able to see the bi…

Interviewing tips.

Here are my Do’s and Don’ts that I hope will help those looking for a job. Here are my Do’s: ·Ask what the dress code is and dress adequately. As I will state in the don’ts section – you need to know what the dress code is before interviewing as different companies want casual, business casual or a suit! You need to know and prepare ahead of time. ·Dress comfortably. When you are comfortable, you interview better.    ·Do your homework on the company. Please research the company. A simple Google search will show you when the company started, CEO and other key leaders and what the company is about. How do you know if you want to work at a place if you don’t know the basics of it? Seems simple, but so many have gotten to the in person interview stage and ask interviewers to tell them about what the company does… not a good look. ·Arrive to the Interview 10-15 minutes early. Sometimes being on time is being late. During an interview it looks good to most interviewers to be a few minutes early…